Researcher examines sample.

The World’s First International Myocarditis BioBank

Researcher examines sample.

The study of myocarditis has always been difficult. The condition is classified as a rare disease, and as such was never taught in medical schools. Only recently, thanks to the efforts of the Myocarditis Foundation, myocarditis is now being taught. Thus, many physicians lack the information to correctly diagnose it. To complicate matters, as of present, there is no diagnostic tool specific for diagnosing myocarditis. To support the search for a cure, the Myocarditis Foundation has created the first-ever international Myocarditis Biobank. Learn more about our Biobank, then contact us today for more information about how you can help.

What is a BioBank?

Throughout most of the history of medical research, scientists were forced to acquire samples individually and, for the most part, work in relative isolation. This slowed the pace of medical discovery, especially in the case of rare diseases, where researchers had limited opportunities to collect samples and data.

All of this changed in the 1990s, when the first BioBanks were created. These repositories of biological materials and information made it possible to collect and share a large number of specimens in a widely accessible database. There, scientists around the world can access the tissue samples and data they need and share their findings with the scientific community.

The Myocarditis Foundation BioBank

The Myocarditis Foundation began developing the world’s first myocarditis-focused BioBank in 2016. Since then, we’ve worked tirelessly to collaborate with researchers around the world to create a diverse global database of adult and pediatric myocarditis samples. The BioBank offers the fastest, most direct way to study the disease, offering new hope for individuals affected by this often-devastating condition.

Our team includes:

In the U.S.:

For Adult Myocarditis Samples, we will initially be working with 6 major institutions around the country who will be supplying the Biobank with adult myocarditis patient blood samples.

For the Pediatric Myocarditis Samples, we will initially be working with 4 major pediatric institutions on obtaining pediatric myocarditis blood samples.

In Europe:

The Foundation will fund a Retrospective Study of thousands of samples from premier institutions in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands.  These samples will bring a diversification of demographics for research analysis.

Together with the work of researchers around the world, they are committed to one day discovering the cure of myocarditis.

Support the Search for a Cure

As the only nonprofit organization fully devoted to serving those affected by myocarditis, the Myocarditis Foundation needs your support. Learn more about our research, or make a donation today to help us support continuing advances in the diagnosis and treatment of myocarditis.